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Newly updated Foundational SSP Training and Certification is coming — what to expect

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Posted September 2, 2022

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newly updated Foundational Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Training course! All providers, whether experienced in SSP delivery or just starting their journey with us today, are encouraged to complete the new training.

Features of the new training include:

  • Expanded to include the latest advancements in Polyvagal Theory and clinical application of the SSP
  • Built on the most recent evidence and decades of neuroscience
  • Evidence-informed from a global community of thousands of providers
  • Inclusive of both theory and practical application
  • Aligned with leading interventions in the trauma and therapy world
  • Mindful of the world as it is today

Plus, this foundational training has now been expanded to include practical training and actionable steps for integrating the SSP into your practice post-training. Hear about logistical and financial considerations, introducing the SSP to your clients, and how to market and explain this meaningful therapeutic intervention.

For existing providers, the new Foundational SSP Training and Certification course will be available in MyUnyte next week. Stay tuned for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s new or different?
A: The training has been updated to reflect knowledge advancements and real world understanding, with new content including considerations for assessment, structuring sessions, optimizing delivery models, precautions, and inspiring content including:

  • The origin story of the SSP with Dr. Stephen Porges and Karen Onderko
  • Principles of Polyvagal Theory in Practice with Deb Dana, LCSW
  • Integrating activities with Kim Barthel, OTR/L, C/NDT
  • A new section dedicated to guiding you on practical integration, including delivery and economic considerations, marketing and introducing the SSP to your clients

Q: Will I have to pay for the new course?
A: No! Unyte is gifting this new course to every provider who has purchased the SSP course in the past.

Q: Do I have to recertify?
A: No. We are not requiring recertification. Your current certification remains valid. However, we highly encourage all certified providers to complete the new course in order to remain current with best practices. The new training will support safe and effective use of the SSP.

Q: How long is the new course?
A: Most learners complete the training in fewer than eight hours, but as a previously trained provider, you’ll be able to move through the segments as you choose.

Q: Can I just review the new content?
A: Yes. To expand on the question above, the course will be added without the requirement for sequential progression — you can jump around to the areas that interest you!

Q: Where can I find the new course?
A: Sign in to your MyUnyte account, click on “Certifications” on the left and then “Access your Training at Unyte Academy.” You will see the course labeled “NEW” in Unyte Academy.

Q: What if I haven’t completed the original training?
A: You can choose. The new course will be added to your account right away, so we hope you’ll choose the “new” option. While either course will certify your use of the SSP, we encourage those who are in the middle of the previous “archived” course to switch to the new course immediately. To allow you the time to make a choice, you will have access to the previous course for 60 days.

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