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Sensory Motor Programs for Kids with Autism

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Posted July 29, 2016

Autism is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the U.S.

Children who are diagnosed with autism typically deal with symptoms and aspects of other conditions such as learning disabilities and behavioral problems. There is no cure for autism, but our Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) sensory motor programs have had a profound effect with children on the autism spectrum at home, in the clinic, and at school.

Sensory Motor Programs for symptoms of autism in kids

After two months of iLs, occupational, and speech therapy, “H” was engaging in conversation and pretend play with peers.

Therapies that addresses symptoms of autism

In one case study for iLs, we observed an eight-year-old boy, “H,” who was diagnosed with institutional autism, apraxia, and visual/auditory processing deficits. “H” would not participate in conversations and would not answer despite understanding the question, but instead engaged in stimming and echolalia. These are when a child “self-stimulates” by repeating certain words, phrases, or movements over and over, and are common behaviors in autistic children.

Improving attention and focus in kids with autism

From the age of three, “H” received Occupational Therapy (OT) in addition to iLs Sensory Motor programs. He was seen at the clinic twice a week and quickly began showing big improvements with his attention and focus. With increased attention and focus, self-stimulatory behaviors decreased. However, “H” was still having trouble at school, as well as having difficulties handling transitions from one place to another.

Integrated listening therapy at home for kids with autism

Integrated listening therapy for kids with autism

iLs has helped many kids overcome learning difficulties and behavioral problems associated with autism.

“H” started using the iLs Sensory Motor Program at home five days a week, along with OT and Speech Therapy. Since movement is a big part of the iLs programs, physical activities like swimming and gymnastics were incorporated.

Finally, in two short months, we saw incredible changes. “H” began participating in pretend play, writing full paragraphs, reading fluently, and speaking in complete sentences. He became more social and extroverted, independently engaged in conversation, and was even able to both recognize and use humor.

“Before, he did not answer questions. Now, after waiting a few seconds, we get a completely appropriate answer! There are NO behavioral problems this year at school; he gets a “G” every day.” – Proud mother of “H”

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