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What is “blocked care” and how can you help parents in regaining a sense of compassion to support their child?

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Posted March 2, 2023

The parent-child relationship is symbiotic. But what happens when parental emotional-regulation systems are impacted by unmanageable stress levels that cause shame, misinterpretation of cues and a lack of fulfillment? And how can you, as a provider, support your clients who are experiencing this dysregulation?

Blocked care, which may also be referred to as blocked trust or compassion fatigue, is a self-protective mechanism in a parent’s nervous system that’s activated by excessive stress. Derived from trauma, blocked care can present in a variety of familial systems, emerging when a child’s lingering protective nervous system response activates feelings of rejection and failure for the parents. 

When this happens, the higher brain functions needed for caregiving are suppressed, causing the parent’s nervous system to develop a defensive stance toward their child.

How to support your clients who are experiencing blocked care

Learn more through the below on-demand webinar featuring Melissa Corkum, Safe and Sound Protocol provider and coach. In this informative session, Melissa explored the following topics to help you support your clients:

  • Learn what blocked care is and how it can impact family systems, including but not limited to adoptive and foster care families.
  • Identify the way defensive systems and responses can manifest.
  • Explore how the SSP can help parents regain compassion.

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About the Speaker

As an adoptee and adoptive mom, Melissa Corkum provides insight and resources to adoptees and their parents through her writing, coaching, and speaking. She is the co-founder of The Adoption Connection and co-author of Reclaim Compassion: The Adoptive Parent’s Guide to Overcoming Blocked Care with Neuroscience and Faith. She has been an SSP provider for over three years, and presented a TEDx talk on redefining successful parenting. Melissa and her husband, Patrick, live in Maryland and have six kids and two grandchildren.

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