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Download the Body Perception Questionnaire

The Body Perception Questionnaire (BPQ) is a tool developed by Dr. Stephen W. Porges to assess body awareness and autonomic nervous system (ANS) reactivity. It has been used as a clinical assessment and research tool for nearly 30 years and can be used to:

  • Measure body awareness, autonomic reactivity, and even intervention efficacy;
  • Communicate results with clients when administered before and after treatment;
  • Help your clients understand their body awareness and connect physical occurrences to emotional response and more

Administer this assessment to both adults and children in person, over the phone, or print it out for clients to complete at home and return at their next session. It can be used often or as needed.

Fill out the form below to download a detailed user manual, overview document, and the questionnaire itself for free.  

“The BPQ has been revelatory for clients. They can now understand how their comorbid physical concerns are related to ANS dysregulation (dysautonomia). By seeing the questions of the BPQ, they may realize for the first time that some of their physical symptoms go along with their trauma, their emotional responses, their concentration difficulties, their cognition, and more.” 
– Heleen Grooten, Speech Pathologist

You can also schedule a time to speak with one of our Program Consultants anytime to learn more about integrating Dr. Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocol in your practice.

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