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Unyte Editorial Standards and Review Policy

At Unyte, we produce content with the purpose of supporting professionals in their integration of our suite of integrative nervous system solutions designed to guide their clients to happier, healthier and more meaningful lives.

We also produce educational content for various audiences interested in learning about topics that include nervous system regulation, brain function, body organization, emotional resilience and much more.

To ensure the information we publish is clinically accurate and informed by the most recent evidence, it is our policy to have all content reviewed and edited by a minimum of two members of the dedicated Unyte editorial team. Depending on its clinical relevance, a piece of content may be reviewed by one or more of the following committees:

  1.  Unyte Editorial Team
  2.  Unyte Clinical Team
  3.  Unyte Clinical Advisors

Content that has been reviewed and verified by the above groups can be identified by the following designation in its byline. For example:

By Kelly Beins, OTR/L
Clinical review by Unyte Clinical Advisor

Our goal is to promote trust and lead with transparency for our readers. Please note that while all content published on the Unyte website has been authored and reviewed by experts and professionals prior to publishing, this policy is officially in effect as of November 2022. 

This information is regarding general health and wellness, and is not intended to provide medical advice. The SSP is not an FDA-approved therapy or treatment. The FDA has not reviewed these statements or claims.

Meet the Unyte Editorial Team

Rebecca Knowles, OTD, OTR/L, RYT
Director, Research and Education

Rebecca is a clinician, researcher and educator specializing in sensory processing and mental health, and has worked in diverse settings as an occupational therapist, including schools, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and substance use treatment centers.


Kelly Beins, BHSc, OTR/L
Clinical Practice Manager

Kelly is an occupational therapist with over 28 years of experience working in a variety of clinical settings and roles with all ages and most recently with children and families in her own private practice. Kelly has an extensive background combining OT and sensory integration with mental health interventions. She received her specialty certification in Sensory Integration in 2005 and became a Unyte practitioner in 2011.


Susanna Coss
Research and Training Associate

Susanna Coss contributes to advancing the empirical foundation of Unyte tools by cultivating research collaborations, exploring relevant subjects, and converting insights into practical solutions and training materials. With a foundation in neuroscience and a dedicated enthusiasm for assisting individuals in optimizing their nervous systems amid the complexities of modern life, Susanna has a keen interest in topics such as heart rate variability, biophilic design, and psychedelic-assisted therapies.

With support from:
Calvin Dao, Manager, Content, Community and Social Media
Leah Dawang, Partnership Cultivation Manager
Cat Hepler, Vice President, Marketing
Emily Maher, Digital Marketing Specialist
Maggie Miller, Clinical Product Manager, Training & Resources
Heather Richey, Engagement Marketing Manager

Unyte Clinical Advisors

Stephen Porges

Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Advisor

Dr. Stephen Porges is the Chief Scientific Advisor at Unyte, driving the development of new products, therapies, research and educational programs based on Polyvagal Theory. He is the creator of a music-based intervention, the Safe and Sound Protocol™, which currently is used by more than 2,000 therapists to improve spontaneous social engagement, to reduce hearing sensitivities, and to improve language processing, state regulation, and spontaneous social engagement.


Karen Onderko

Karen is passionate about advancing the understanding and application of Polyvagal principles to improve care and increase connection and acceptance among humans. After two decades in financial risk management and consulting, captivated by neuroplasticity, she shifted her attention toward neuroscience, studying and researching at the University of Colorado, where she became drawn to clinical applications of neuroplasticity and Polyvagal Theory. At Unyte, Karen has had the opportunity to learn from the clinician population and support the evolution of best delivery practices through training and research. Regularly witnessing the transformative power of a Polyvagal-informed approach, she is eager to promote education and access to PVT for people in diverse disciplines throughout the world.


Deb Dana, LCSW

Deb Dana, LCSW, is a clinician, consultant and author specializing in complex trauma. Her work is focused on using the lens of Polyvagal Theory to understand and resolve the impact of trauma, and creating ways of working that honor the role of the autonomic nervous system. She is a founding member of the Polyvagal Institute, consultant to Khiron Clinics, and advisor to Unyte. Deb is the developer of the signature Rhythm of Regulation Clinical Training Series and is well known for translating Polyvagal Theory into a language and application that is both understandable and accessible for clinicians and curious people alike.

In addition to the Unyte Clinical Advisory Board:
Les Aria, Ph.D.
Kim Barthel, OTR/L, C/NDT
Liz Charles, MD
Ana Do Valle, OTR, SEP
Jill Hosey, MSW RSW, LICSW (RI)
Doreen Hunt, MA, OTR/L
Heather MacDuffie, Ph.D., LCSW
Paula Scatoloni, LCSW, CEDS, SEP

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