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ABSTRACT: Data on 44 students was collected by iLs Associate Ann Smith to measure the effect of iLs on students with learning difficulties at her Sylvan Learning Center.  The students completed Sylvan math and reading tests prior to and after their iLs programs. The iLs Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA), an online assessment, was also completed pre and post.

MFA Percentage Improvement by Category GraphThe students ranged from 3rd to 12th grade and represented a variety of learning difficulties, including reading, auditory processing and attention deficits.   Results showed that on average, students’ math and reading scores improved by approximately 1.2 years after the 40-hour iLs program.  Average improvements in the MFA categories were as follows:  Social/Emotional (54%), Auditory/Language (48%) and Organization, Attention & Cognitive (53%), Motor Skills (37%) and Sensory (34%).

BACKGROUND: Sylvan Center of Highlands Ranch, CO, owned by Ann Smith, implemented iLs with some students (those who present with processing issues or very low test scores) before beginning the Sylvan program. The following data measures results of the iLs program alone.

iLs ASSOCIATE: Ann Smith, Sylvan Center Owner

INTERVENTION: 40 1-hour sessions of iLs’ Concentration & Attention or Reading & Auditory Processing programs on the iLs Total Focus. Programs were completed through a combination of in-clinic and at-home sessions.  Parents and Sylvan staff communicated program progress through online tracking, allowing for continuity of the program.

TESTING MEASURES: Students completed STAR testing (a Sylvan assessment) related to grade equivalency for reading (reading comprehension) and math. iLs Measure of Foundational Abilities (MFA) was completed pre- and post- iLs program.

RESULTS:Reading Comprehension Graph

Students were tested pre and post intervention.  The 44 students were in 3rd – 12th grade when completing their iLs programs.  The STAR Grade Level Equivalent testing in Reading evaluates reading ability and comprehension as based on national standards.  Over a three-month period, students completed 40 hours of iLs programming and saw 3 months to 2+ years of gains.Math Grade Level Improvement Graph

There were 34 students who completed the STAR Math assessments before and after iLs. They saw, on average, a gain in math skills of over one year after the three-month iLs program. One student in 8th grade entered into the program at 4.7 grade level, and jumped to 11.5 at the end of the intervention.

The MFA (Measure of Foundational Abilities) is an iLs online assessment which looks at symptoms related to the categories of Balance, Sensory, Social/Emotional, Auditory/Language and Organization/Attention/Cognition.  Complete pre/post MFA results were collected from 29 students.

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