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“iLs is more than a mere tool that we use. Integrated Listening System is now part of our support system.  We know we are not alone on our journey, and we are thankful that iLs is working alongside us.” – Heather Mac, parent

Where is iLs most effective?

iLs is more than just a listening therapy. As a truly multi-sensory program, iLs integrates sound with movement.

iLs has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system. As a result, it is successfully integrated into a wide variety of programs addressing the needs of children with:

  • Autism and Developmental Difficulties: iLs is a complementary approach which is often used with other methods and programs to help those on the autism spectrum.
  • Learning Difficulties: The iLs Program is customizable for each individual; the program influences learning, reading, attention and emotional regulation, speech, auditory processing and sensory processing.
  • Performance Optimization: iLs is used by students, athletes and professionals of all ages to achieve better attention, mental acuity and motor coordination.

iLs is a fun activity, or exercise, that can be done in the clinic, classroom and/or at home. A waistpack is worn by each listener, carrying an iPod loaded with iLs treated music and an amplifier. Each session is spent doing creative and/or relaxing activities such as drawing, puzzles, fine-motor games, or just relaxing in a comfortable chair.

While iLs is not complicated to implement at home, it does require commitment, planning and some guidance. To ensure you have a successful experience, instruction and supervision are included in the price of the program.

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