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PodcastSSPDr. Stephen PorgesPolyvagal Theory

Episode 4: Safe and Sound Protocol Podcast – Dr. Stephen Porges

In part one, Joanne interviews the originator of the Polyvagal Theory and inventor of the Safe and Sound Protocol – Dr Stephen Porges.

He discusses how he came to develop the Polyvagal Theory based upon his scientific inquisitiveness from being a 12-year-old clarinet student to his university studies and research in the psychophysiology of human interaction. He reviews the essential link between the heart and brain via the Vagus nerve and the resultant expression of physiological state through facial expression. He discusses how the Safe and Sound Protocol is able to operate by “stealth” in changing the function of the Middle Ear Muscles to improve auditory hypersensitivity and social engagement. He discusses the progression and changes that were made in implementation from working originally with autistic children to adults with trauma.

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