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PodcastDr. Stephen PorgesPolyvagal Theory

The Work From Home Show: Dr. Stephen Porges on Polyvagal Theory, COVID-19 and our work lives

Courtesy of The Work From Home Show

What can Polyvagal Theory and COVID-19 tell us about ourselves and our work lives?

“First of all, we have to understand what the pandemic has done to our physiology,” says Dr. Stephen Porges, author of the Polyvagal Theory and Chief Scientific Advisor of Unyte, as he describes the COVID-19 pandemic as “a chronic threat” that has caused “our bodies move into a state of defensiveness.”

In this conversation on The Work From Home Show podcast, Dr. Porges talks to hosts Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa about the connection between Polyvagal Theory and creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, what happens when we can’t access areas of our nervous system, research on whether a history of adverse events (such as childhood trauma) can impact someone’s reaction to COVID, and more.

Click play to listen to this episode for more insights from Dr. Porges.

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