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Welcome to iLs!

We are excited to see you in training. Everything you need for before and after your course is below.

Please take a moment to review all the items before and after your training. If you have any questions, please reach us at [email protected] or 303-741-4544.

Pre-Course Materials

Before your training, let’s gain a better understanding of iLs and our programs. Please review the following materials prior to your training.
  1. Download the Practitioner Manual.
  2. Take the Pre-Course Quiz (all questions will come from the manual).
  3. Get to know the iLs Holistic Family of Therapies.
  4. Watch the four Pre-Course videos below:

The iLs Journey

How iLs works

Air Conduction

Parent and Educator Feedback

Post-Course Materials

Congratulations! How was your training?

Please complete the items below after your training so we can send your certificate. If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected].

  1. Complete the Post-Course Quiz.
    • You’ll need to review the Home Program Training video found below.
  2. Review the Training Powerpoint.
  3. Review the Focus System Programs.
  4. Add your practice to our site using the Provider Listing Form.
  5. Share your success stories with the iLs community! Download the Case Story Form.
  6. Review the iLs Holistic Family of Therapies.
  7. Watch the two Post-Course videos below:

Focus System Quick Start

Home Program Training

If you experience any issues or would like to get a second opinion on a case, please fill out a Consultation Request.

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