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Somatic Psychotherapy Today

“In recent years, researchers and clinicians have supported advances in understanding the effects of trauma on both mind and body that have greatly expanded our range of clinical tools and opened new possibilities for dramatically improved outcomes and deeper healing.

One of these tools is Dr Stephen W. Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) a five-day intervention designed to improve social communication by regulating physiological state and enhancing our ability to process human speech. “

Everyday Health

“Baffled by feelings of disengagement, dissociation, depression, and numbness, we may diagnose other causes — and adopt inappropriate solutions.

The only cure, Dr. Porges says, is to send signals of soothing safeness that bypass the conscious to reach the most inaccessible part of the brain, reassuring it that the environment is, in fact, safe. For Porges, the best vehicle to reach that destination is music. Music therapy provides a key that can unlock the numbed, deeply embedded ancient brain, allowing an individual to engage and interact with people, experiencing results that can be breathtaking.”


“Over a Three-Month Period, Students Completed 40 Hours of iLs and Saw 3 Months to 2+ Years of Gains in Math and Reading” According to the Data

Michael Dresser Show

Michael Dresser speaks with iLs co-founder Randall Redfield about the iLs and neuroplasticity.

Huffington Post

Women in Business: Kate O’Brien Minson, President and Co-Founder, Integrated Listening Systems

Washington DC, Channel 5 FOX News

August 1st, 2013
MD. Business Helping Children With Autism With Sensory Issues

Denver Post

November 27th, 2012
Denver psychiatrist’s sound therapy attracts attention for autism treatment

Attention Talk Radio

November 30th, 2011
Interview with iLs’ Ron Minson, M.D. and Rebecca Goniwich

The Denver Business Journal

November 18th, 2011
Integrated Listening Systems invests in growth plans

Radio Interview

June 14th, 2010

iLs founders Kate O’Brien Minson and Randall Redfield make an appearance on LA Talk Radio for a segment titled “Integrated Listening – Brain Training to Improve Student’s Processing, Attention & Performance.”

Read a description of the segment, and listen to the archived show. (To listen to the show – approx length 50 minutes – click the “Play” button next to the photos)


April 2nd, 2010

Hear to Help – Integrated Listening Systems is a therapy that combines an auditory listening programme with visual and movement exercises. Dr Ron Minson, who found auditory programmes successful for his own daughter, reports on how it can help.

Mobile, AL Channel 15 NBC News

January 2nd, 2013
Local Family Using Breakthrough Autism Treatment

Mother Club Blog

December 20th, 2011
Integrated Listening Provides Real Results for Autism

Autism Support Network
banner klutch

Autism Support Network – conducted by Andrea W. Pointer, M.S., CCC-SLP, Shannon Norris, OTR/L and Cindy Dawkins, OTR/L of Kids Kount Therapy Services, LLC


May 1st, 2010

ABC News

October 6th, 2011
Local Company Develops ‘Breakthrough’ For Autism, ADD Therapy


January 3rd, 2010


September 2nd, 2010
Ron Minson, M.D. & Edward Hallowell, M.D.: “How Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) Works”


April 30th, 2009

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