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What distinguishes iLs?

Combined sound and movement – iLs integrates specific vestibular and visual activities with our auditory program; of course, OTs have their own sensory regimen but many incorporate iLs activities into their OT gym, and iLs makes it easy for parents doing supplementary therapy at home to have a multisensory program.

Customization – iLs has created targeted programs which can be customized for specific client needs. These include programs to help with emotional regulation, sensory processing, learning and attention, auditory processing, cognitive functions and rehab for stroke and head injury.

Bone conduction – We find this is, arguably, the most important element to a clinic-level, sound-based therapy, especially one that works with SI (sensory integration) issues. For bone conducted sound to accelerate SI, it should be part of the headphone apparatus, as in iLs equipment, so that it provides ongoing auditory/vestibular stimulation (this is in contrast to bone conduction in a microphone apparatus, which is activated only when one is speaking).

Expressive Language Program – iLs’ VoicePro™ is used by therapists and educators focusing on language-related skills, including phonics, articulation, auditory processing, auditory figure ground, dichotic listening and social skills.  It is also helpful as a voice training tool for actors, singers and others seeking to refine their voice quality and control.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) – Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a five-day intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. By calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is opened for improved communication and more successful therapy.

Dreampad – The Dreampad™ product is an effective means of a) acclimating those with sensitivities prior to beginning an auditory program and b) helping with relaxation and sleep related behavior. Using the Dreampad prior to an iLs program will reduce the likelihood of a negative reaction to the headphones; it may also be used simultaneously with a clinic program, as a supplement, helping with anxiety and sleep problems.

Integration KitResearch – iLs continues to invest in research to gather data and give scientific validation to clinical results. (See the Research section of our website for studies in the areas of sensory processing, autism, reading, auditory processing, academic improvement, head injury, stroke, sleep.)

Technology – iLs finds iPods a preferred form of delivery – you can’t scratch them, they don’t skip, and the sound quality is excellent. Our mini-amplifiers are very durable and hold up under rigorous conditions such as an OT gym or home. iLs headphones and bone conductors are custom designed by iLs and manufactured expressly for iLs; we use the highest quality Japanese cabling for better sound quality and durability.

Music Quality & Program Organization – We receive many compliments on the high quality of our music, the gentle progression of our programs and the easy-to-understand organization of iLs programs/systems.

Online Assessment – the iLs Portal is designed for iLs Associates and their clients to use for pre-post program assessments as well as tracking home programs.  The Measure of Functional Abilities (MFA) is a symptoms based assessment which helps to gauge change in six functional areas before and after an iLs program.  The MFA report features a graphic representation of a client’s change, which is very helpful for therapists as they discuss the program with their clients after completing a program.

Ongoing Professional Development & Support

  • Clinical Director, Ron Minson, MD, one of the foremost experts in sound therapy, is available for specific cases requiring advanced medical consultation,
  • Continuing education webinars and advanced training for iLs-trained professionals,
  • Client education for iLs Associates’ clients – parent webinars, Facebook iLs Parent Group, handouts, web site reference information,
  • Facebook Professional Group for information sharing,
  • Customer Service is available via phone and Internet for general questions from professionals and users,
  • In-house technical support for product and repair questions.
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