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Unyte biofeedback and interactive meditation products have been studied scientifically by several groups in North America and worldwide. Scientific databases include over 100 publications discussing the use of biofeedback and Unyte product.

Published results of research studies have associated biofeedback and Unyte products with improvements in:

  • Stress management
  • Anxiety as measured by quality of life measures and stress and anxiety scales
  • Measures of trait anxiety
  • Coping self-efficacy
  • Depression scores (to non-clinical score)
  • Breathing in chronic pain
  • Pain scores in post-operative surgery patients
  • Pain and mood ratings
  • Heart rate variability in patients with pain
  • Milk production in breastfeeding women
  • Disruptive behaviours in children with ADHD 2
  • ADHD Questionnaire scores

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