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Topics covered include:
• Key Topic:  Differentiation of healthy from adverse reactions sometimes seen during a program
• Associate questions related to this topic
• Use of the Dreampad

How can you tell the difference between reorganization and an adverse reaction?

Reorganization is a normal growth phase and nothing special needs to be done beyond giving the child the love and attention they are seeking so they may feel more secure emotionally and refueled with the energy to face the challenge anew. This is similar to how a child behaves when overly tired: a little whiny, clingy. cranky.

An adverse reaction is due to overstimulation.  This may be from the stress of learning to read, to control their behavior or to integrate body organization.  When overstimulated, the child’s nervous system is on alert and goes into a kind of fight-or-flight reaction in which their regulatory state of calm is being overwhelmed.  Under these circumstances, the child needs to pull back a bit from the current therapy demands.  Adverse reactions require a reanalysis of what is going on.

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