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This course is specific to using iLs and the Student Focus in school and educational settings.

iLs helps students of all levels become better learners by developing the foundation for learning, i.e. those brain-based systems related to memory, attention, processing and expression.

Course Content & Objectives

  • Understanding the key elements that inform iLs methodology
  • Reviewing relevant neuro-anatomy of the ear, brain and nervous system
  • Hands-on practicum for the auditory, visual and balance components of iLs
  • Discussion of iLs’ music processing and program design
  • Case study practice in combining programs and individualizing iLs
  • Review of clinical assessment tools for program selection
  • Integrating iLs into a school setting, including home use

Upon successful completion of the School Training Course you will:

  • Identify and explain the three frequency zones and how those frequencies impact our body and learning
  • Explain how the cochlear and vestibular systems are connected
  • Define terms used in iLs (e.g. EHS = Enhanced High Spectrum is full spectrum music with elevation in volume in the high frequencies)
  • Explain how sound, movement and visual tracking are combined as one program
  • Explain how to implement sound, movement and visual tracking in one session with a client
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