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The bluetooth receiver streams DreampadTM music to the Dreampad from your smart device i.e. (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android smart devices).Bluetooth

A. 3.5mm audio plug – Connect your Dreampad here
B. LED Indicator – Indicates device status
C. Multi-Function Button (MFB Button) – Power ON/OFF and Pair Device
D. Charging Jack – DC 5V

1. Make sure the receiver is fully charged. – Plug the black USB cord into the wall charger supplied in your package. The LED indicator (B) stays red while the device is charging. Once it is fully charged the red light will turn off.

2. Pair the bluetooth receiver with your smart device. – Press and hold the MFB button until the LED indicator alternates between red and blue, then let go. – Go to your smart device’s bluetooth settings and select the PBTR30. – Your device will say Connected or Paired once the sync is complete. Once the mini bluetooth receiver has been paired with your smart device, it will remain paired, and when turned back on, can be selected from the bluetooth settings on your smart device.

3. Powering ON/OFF the receiver. – Hold the MFP button for 3 seconds.

4. An audio extension cable is included for your convenience.


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