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Ibrahim Fahmi

Organizational Solutions Consultant

    Transforming lives since: 2021
    Front line experience: In my previous life, I was a residential counselor who helped at risk youth navigate a SUD within a residential treatment setting. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with kiddos navigating complex developmental symptoms as part of a special needs activity program to help build functional skills headed by Brock University.
    Helping you thrive: I believe that empathy and humility are key to understanding our clients’ needs and to be able to make a real difference.
    Keeps me going / Warms my heart: I am touched by the testimonials from parents and clients on how our products have positively impacted their lives. To help children and adults learn life-changing skills through breathing, listening and movement is truly an amazing feeling.
    Words to live by / Favorite inspiring quote: “Do your best & surrender the rest”
    Personal interests / for fun / in my spare time: I love being active, and spend a lot of time doing various sports and engaging outdoor activities. I am an amateur Muay Thai kickboxer, and have competed at the national level. When I’m not engaged in sports, I like to cook, read, & spend time cuddling with my wife and two mini dachshunds – Honey & Luna.

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