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Natalia Amaya

Account Manager

    Transforming lives since: 2022
    Front-line experience: My background is in industrial design, business administration, and life coaching, I apply design thinking to my daily activities, blending creativity, and strategic planning. This unique combination equips me to help organizations succeed through innovative solutions and effective resource management.
    Helping you thrive: There are no coincidences, I believe in fostering human connections through empathy and approaching each process with a unique lens. My commitment is to walk alongside our partners, ensuring that together, we make a meaningful difference.
    Keeps me going / Warms my heart: I am passionate about empowering others to reach their full potential. I am motivated by the tangible positive changes in communities and individuals’ lives as a result of our collective efforts.
    Words to live by / Favourite inspiring quote: “The success of every person should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up.” – Serena Williams
    Personal interests / for fun / in my spare time: Exploring new cultures through travel and learning new languages. I love sports, dancing, art and design. You might catch me spending time with my loved ones, watching a movie, or attending a personal growth workshop in my free time.

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