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Ron Minson, MD

Clinical Advisor

    With the company since its founding, 2007 and with its predecessor, Dynamic Listening Systems, 2001. Dr. Minson was originally trained by the grandfather in the field, Dr. Tomatis, in 1989 and opened a center the following year.

    Following my daughter’s remarkable and unexpected emergence from a deep depression and liberated from the prison of dyslexia, I dedicated my professional life to the clinical practice of sound therapy, learning and teaching all I could from some of the most advanced practitioners in Europe. After years of clinical practice with children and adults, I devote my time supervising those tough cases that cause us all to scratch our heads, assisting with updating and editing clinical training manuals, writing and speaking about my experience in this field.


    IMG_7154Fun Facts about Ron Minson

    Hobbies:  Biking, the steeper the mountain pass, the better; studying classical piano; making a great cup of coffee. He was an early adopter of rock climbing, winter mountaineering, backcountry skiing. Dr. Minson have crossed glaciers with his son, climbing Mt. Rainier and Mt. Olympus. He now turned his attention to 400+ mile bike rides over mountain passes.

    Random fact about you: I was the first physician trained in Tomatis’ sound therapy in North America, co-founded the fourth center of its kind in the US in 1990. In my leisure time I used to roast my own coffee, studying different roasting methods,  learning about coffee beans from around the world, earning me the  moniker of a Coffee Guru.

    Favorite book: The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester.

    Chicken or egg: They both materialized from nothingness and then evolved into co-creating one another.

    If you had a super power, what would it be and why: The power to dissolve all dissention, greed, hatred, abuse of power and to end world hunger.



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