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Family use of the SSP for reduced anxiety over the holidays

Family experience with SSP during holidays

Completing SSP during the week of Thanksgiving was a total game changer for our family! Typically holidays bring over stimulation and big behaviors.

First, all three kiddos, 7, 9 and 11, LOVED their SSP hour and were all sad when it was over. It even ended up on their Christmas list.  Each kiddo came away with different benefits while decreased anxiety seemed to be the most common.

After SSP, I have received the greatest hugs (TRUE hugs, not awkward ones), he’s asked to rock and genuinely seems happy, not a forced happy! 

J, 7, seemed to have a great boost of confidence. Her insecurities seemed to make her a bit edgy, but after SSP she had a calm, collected, healthy boost of confidence.

T, 9, had the greatest benefits. He has lived most of his life under a great deal of anxiety and hypervigilance. While a very sensory-oriented kiddo, he hadn’t shown much affection in the past. After SSP, I have received the greatest hugs (TRUE hugs, not awkward ones), he’s asked to rock and genuinely seems happy, not a forced happy! School sent a note that both teachers and peers were amazed by his joy he had brought back after break. OT noticed a much more relaxed body and tummy, allowing more acceptance of the MNRI therapy that he’s receiving.  

O, 11, our oldest, is a little guy who likes to internalize everything, was super fidgety, hypervigilant and not sleeping prior to SSP. The first night after SSP, the boy felt right to sleep, very little relaxation tools, it was amazing!!! The fidgeting stopped and he totally seemed engaged and not just staring through you when you had a conversation with him.

My curiosity got the best of me and I participated as well. I found a great deal of peace during and after my five days. My anxiety was not nearly as dominant and I felt as though I was a much more understanding mother.

We are three weeks out and well into the Christmas holiday. This in the past has caused great chaos in their lil’ bodies. SSP hasn’t been a complete fix, but we have seen some great strides. It’s been interesting to watch. As I put up outside lights, my nine-year-old’s old tendencies started to show back up after seeing Santa a bit more, the return of our invisible Elf on the Shelf (because someone misplaced him) has caused the tendencies to get more and more frequent/severe. We definitely plan to invest in an additional round in all three kiddos, as it was well worth the time and cost.

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