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SSP Testimonial: Maren Sigmund

How have you seen the SSP help your clients? 

It has helped with regulation—I’ve witnessed less heightened meltdowns, better consistent sleep, and new found confidence. Specifically, I’ve seen clients become more open and willing to try new things or things they are afraid of. There’s also been visible improvements in language development, clients are able to articulate and express themselves, leading them to become more sociable. I’ve also seen improved printing and memory recall when it comes to school work.

What challenges were you facing before using the SSP?

Before the SSP I was seeing a lot of families feeling burnt out due to intense emotions. I also saw anxiety heightened in a lot of clients, therefore affecting all areas of life—school work, being and making friends, and getting along at home.

How has the SSP helped to solve these challenges?

It’s helped reduce anxiety and increased a willingness to learn, leading to less stress on family dynamics and more openness during therapy sessions.

How did Covid-19 affect your clients and / or your practice?

Thankfully Covid-19 didn’t drastically affect my practice. We did a few months online and then I was able to move to outdoor therapy sessions so they could be in person. Screen time was too much for kiddos. We still are working through the ramifications of it all. Everyone is burnt out and trying to find space to rest, regulate and still grow in a way that is approachable and not adding on stress.

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