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Most people associate traveling with exciting new places, reconnecting with family members, and other joyful experiences. However, traveling may prove challenging to people on the spectrum and their families, because it brings havoc into their routines.

How can you make traveling more pleasant and safe for people with autism?


The Arc, a US organization devoted to assisting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, sponsors a program designed for kids and their parents to rehearse airport procedures and flying experiences. Wings for Autism® provides families the opportunity to practice entering the airport, obtain boarding passes, go through security and board a plane. Airport, airline, Transportation Security Administration professionals, and other personnel also have the opportunity to observe, interact, and deliver their services in a structured learning environment. More than 44 airports around the country have participated in the program.

Make the necessary arrangements

The Mighty researched six major US airlines and their accommodations for people on the spectrum and other special needs; and there were some definite winners in this race. The Transportation Security Administration has a help line to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions during the security process. The government agency recommends that passengers call 72 hours ahead of travel for information about what to expect during screening.

Get the resources you need

Looking for tips and ideas on what are some of the best places to take your loved one on the spectrum? We’ve got you covered here. Autism Travel strives to create safe, sensory friendly certified travel options for parents and individuals on the spectrum. Plus, there is a whole community to share ideas, plan trips with other families, and explore travel options. Autism Speaks also offers tips and resources on how to make traveling with an individual with autism easier. Their roundup includes advice from experienced moms and valuable web resources. Friendship Circle also created an impressive library of resources that should prepare you for everything travel involves.

Get the rest you need

All the planning, packing, and traveling can surely be exhausting. One routine you should not give up on while traveling is sleep. Dreampad Slim Support is a very light, comfortable pillow that can travel with you. Dreampad is also scientifically shown to reduce anxiety and stress, so you can unwind and rest for all the adventures lying ahead.

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