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The SSP Provider Journey — Initiation, Integration and Innovation

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In this Clinical Conversation, Unyte is pleased to host Dr. Stephen Porges, author of Polyvagal Theory and creator of the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), in a conversation with Unyte’s Clinical Advisory Board members, Dr. Les Aria, Kim Barthel, Jillian Hosey and Paula Scatoloni, to explore how they integrated the SSP into their practice, and the exciting innovations they’re cultivating.

Whether you’re interested in learning about how the SSP can impact your practice and your clients, or you’re a seasoned SSP provider, this conversation will both inspire and inform as you seek to serve your clients in the most effective and impactful ways possible.

Learn more about our Clinical Advisory Board here!

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Client laying on a couch and listening to SSP or Focus

Discover the Safe and Sound Protocol

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, the SSP is a listening therapy designed to unlock your client’s ability to think, feel, and connect better through nervous system regulation.

The SSP isn’t simply five hours of music; it’s a comprehensive approach to healing. This unique listening therapy is a journey that brings together client, therapist, and the SSP to create a safe space for brain and body integration and healing to achieve impactful, long-lasting results.

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