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Integrating the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) Within a Residential Treatment Facility – Capstone Treatment Center

On-demand webinar

In this Provider Spotlight webinar, Unyte Health welcomed Clinical Director at Capstone Treatment Center, Jeremy Carter LMFT, LPC and SSP Coordinator and Intake Specialist at Capstone Treatment Center, Kayla Ann Wilson, LMSW. Hosted by Kelly Beins, Clinical Solutions Manager at Unyte Health, this webinar discussed considerations for integrating the SSP into a residential treatment facility including environment, setting, timeline and family integration. 

This webinar explores:

  • The evolution of Capstone Treatment Center and the reason for SSP integration.
  • The role an SSP coordinator can play in enhancing delivery outcomes.
  • SSP outcomes related to behavior, relationship, and engagement in combination with other modalities.

Unyte Health is proud to partner with treatment centers like Capstone. Capstone is located in Judsonia, Arkansas and offers residential therapy programs for young men ages 18 to 26 and teenage boys ages 14 to 17 with a wide range of mental health struggles. Capstone is a highly specialized Christian treatment center that treats trauma, substance abuse, sexual compulsivity, family issues, addictions, behavioral problems, and co-occurring disorders. Every young man who enters the program receives a puppy as a part of their specialized canine therapy program and takes that puppy home with them when they graduate. 

The SSP and Capstone treatment approach work together to support the individual needs of male clients enrolled in the program. With unique client presentations and factors of adolescent residential treatment facilities, Capstone utilizes the SSP to support new residents of Capstone towards smooth intake and increase regulation while enhancing social engagement and resilience by re-patterning the auditory and nervous systems toward safety and connection.

In addition, Capstone shared case studies exemplifying the integration and clinical outcomes of the SSP. 

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This session will be beneficial for: 

  • Residential treatment facilities
  • Addiction and rehab professionals
  • Mental health professionals working with:
    • EMDR
    • Canine & adventure therapies
    • Trauma 
    • Adolescence
    • Family therapy

Jeremy Carter

Clinical Director at Capstone Treatment Center, LMFT, LPC

Jeremy Carter is a seasoned clinician with over a decade of experience in the fields of trauma and addiction therapy. He has a passion for understanding and addressing issues in adolescents and young adults that are fueled by and drive further disconnection, specializing in the intersection of trauma, addiction, and compulsive behaviors. After graduating from the Marriage & Family Therapy program at Harding University in 2012, Jeremy embarked on a journey toward becoming a trusted and empathetic figure in the therapeutic community. His tenure as a caseload therapist at Capstone Treatment Center provided invaluable insights into working with adolescents and young adults grappling with traumatic experiences and addiction issues. In 2022, Jeremy ascended to the role of Clinical Director, where he has led initiatives to develop innovative strategies for understanding and addressing a vast array of symptom manifestations with trauma, hurt, and isolation at their core.

Kayla Ann Wilson

SSP Coordinator and Intake Specialist at Capstone Treatment Center, LMSW

Kayla Ann Wilson has been the SSP Coordinator for Capstone Treatment Center since May of 2023 and recently expanded her position to include Intake Specialist in December 2023. Kayla Ann completed her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 2018 and then completed her Master’s degree in Social Work from Baylor University in December 2022. Kayla Ann became SSP certified in May of 2023 and was part of the Capstone team who integrated SSP into Capstone’s program. Kayla Ann began taking over the initial implementation of the SSP Core Pathway for each new Capstone admission in July of 2023 and has since played a key role in the completion of the Core Pathway with over 50 clients.

Kelly Beins

Clinical Solutions Manager at Unyte Health, OTR

Kelly Beins is the Clinical Solutions Manager at Unyte, supporting large organizations, clinics and teams of therapists (including Capstone) to implement Polyvagal Theory, the SSP and ILS listening therapy programs. Kelly serves as a strategic clinical consultant and supports training content development and knowledge translation. Kelly has over 30 years of clinical experience including a passion for evidence-informed practice and combining sensory integration and mental health interventions; using this passion alongside Unyte programs to work in residential treatment for 12 years and to grow her own group clinic for 11 years. Additionally, Kelly has worked across the continuum of care and with all ages. Outside of her role at Unyte, Kelly now mentors other therapists and offers training and workshops globally, on Polyvagal Theory and sensory integrative OT practice in hopes of making evidence informed interventions more accessible to other professionals in private practice.

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