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Do you ever worry excessively? Feel tense, restless, agitated, have difficulty relaxing or falling asleep? You are not alone. Almost one in twenty adults in the United States will experience some form of anxiety this year. And it is reported that as many as 25 percent of 13 – 18 year-old teens may have mild to moderate anxiety.

Children and Anxiety

The effects of anxiety can be seen in even very young children. The smallest change in schedule or routine sends kids with anxiety into turmoil. Anxiety can create stomach aches, migraines and hives.The fear of failure makes some kids spend excessive time on homework and projects. It leads others to procrastinate and to avoid starting an assignment or project, leading to continued anxiety.

Adults and Anxiety

Adults similarly delay work and projects due to feelings of nervousness or dread. And recurring feelings of worry lead one to feeling even worse. This downward spiral triggers an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system and affects mood, motivation and cognition.

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How do our products help Anxiety?

Dreampad Sleep


The bone-conducted music of the Dreampad provides the foundation for the nervous system to shift to a parasympathetic response helping you fall asleep faster. The Dreampad is also known to reduce nighttime awakenings wakings, which is when those with anxiety are prone to ruminate and replay the events of the day.


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

An imbalanced physiological state is a distinctive feature of anxiety. The SSP restores composure by stabilizing the autonomic nervous system.

iLs for Professionals

Focus System

People who are nervous, apprehensive or extremely anxious often say they feel out of their body, not grounded and not present in the here and now. It’s as if they are standing just outside themselves. Focus System music, coupled with bone conduction, brings a person home. They feel grounded, embodied and present. The first thing parents say about their child is, “my child is happier, gets over upsets more quickly and has a longer fuse.“

Case Studies

Trauma, Constant High Alert

“Overall the SSP has made some amazing changes to M’s demeanor and level of regulation. She seems more “open” and willing to engage in a more genuine way. She is less reactive and is accepting situations in a calmer way, she is less “high” and less “low”. M is seeking out more social interactions rather than seeking someone out to talk at them. She is listening more and is clarifying, asking for permission and checking in more than previously. She is smiling more and expresses “I feel happy”.”

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  • Both my daughters were fortunate enough to use iLs this year. They have excelled in school and sports since they have completed their iLs playlist. Together, with occupational therapy and iLs, their sensory issues have almost disappeared. The anxiety and emotions that used to take over lives has subsided. I call them 2.0 versions of themselves. So grateful to have this therapy for my girls. The staff was so helpful and accommodating as well. Thanks for the guidance and support!

    Staci Parent
  • We have tried so many other things with minimal help – we just never got to the core of the issue – the SSP got to the core.

    Amy R. Parent
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