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Auditory Sensitivities

You may have seen that child with her hands over her ears at a party or at a fireworks display, but sound sensitivity is not something that only affects children. For many, everyday noises can seem unbearably loud and may even inflict pain. And paradoxically, despite being sensitive to sound, some people with auditory sensitivity have difficulty understanding what others are saying. This results when all the sounds and frequencies of the environment are let in indiscriminately.

Children and Sound Sensitivity Issues

Sound sensitivity is more debilitating than many realize. Hearing the sounds of our world louder than most people means living in a world of discomfort, even pain. Many children whose nervous systems are immature will regularly put their hands over their ears or run screaming from the room. Parents bring headphones to every event in an effort to control noise levels. It’s difficult to understand that while some sounds are experienced as overly loud, others – like being told it’s time to leave – are difficult to hear.

Adults and Sound Sensitivity Issues

Adults have difficulty hearing a conversation when there is a lot of background noise causing them to avoid social gatherings, restaurants, and important events and activities.

When a particular sound triggers an exaggerated response, it can be equally debilitating. The sound of a clicking pen, a slurping straw or chewing can be annoying; but when it’s all you hear, it becomes a distracting obstacle.

How does iLs help Auditory Sensitivities?


Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The SSP is a five-day intervention that exercises the neural network associated with extracting speech from background noise and helps to reduce auditory hypersensitivities and selective sound sensitivity.

iLs for Professionals

Focus System

The gains made by using the five-day protocol of the SSP are reinforced by using the Focus System. As the function of the ear improves, the Focus System adds additional input and strengthens neural connections to put background sounds in the background. Once the ears are able to process sounds without agitation, quality of life improves.


Music, Multisensory Input & Movement
Brain & Body Organization
My Best Self

All iLs systems come with supervision, either from your current iLs-trained therapist or from an iLs-employed coach who can work remotely with clients who don’t have an iLs provider in their area. You can find an iLs Provider here or contact us to locate someone in your area.

The goal is not a quick fix; it’s lasting change.

Case Studies

Auditory processing, reading, attention and social challenges

“Student B is more focused on tasks and needs less repetition with directions. She is able to work better in the classroom or group with other noises or voices in the background. She has learned some tactics and tools to keep her eyes on those talking or directing. The auditory processing functions have improved remarkably. Decoding, literacy skills, fluency, and comprehension have shocked all of her support team. The improvements have also generated impressive writing of jokes, riddles, and poems.”

We transform lives of children and adults everyday.

  • The iLs system has made such a difference in our boys’ interactions at home and at school. The iLs system is set up to focus on different needs of people with sensory processing disorders for weeks at a time. This has allowed me to more effectively focus on my children’s individual needs and see their progress. Our 12-year-old, Jack, used to get quite angry and shut down when he had too many tasks to complete or if work became difficult. He was also easily overwhelmed by sounds. The iLs listening program has helped Jack manage his emotions and be more organized. He has more patience to create a plan and stick to it, and will talk more about difficulties in his work. Jack rarely becomes upset by noise. Josh, our 9-year old, is easily distracted, so getting him to stick with exercises long enough to be effective can be challenging. He has also struggled to communicate in a noisy environment and to put words to his complex ideas. After several weeks of using iLs, I noticed that Noah could hear me across the room and could talk to me while doing other things. He has become centered enough that he could wait for a moment while I stepped away and then go back to what we were doing. Josh requires a high level of vestibular input to meet his needs and I believe that with the iLs bone conductor he is getting an appropriate level of input for his therapy needs. It has been great to see that he now can often calm his body down enough to go from being quite active to doing a quiet activity and have a conversation. The iLs system provides me an option to help my boys and make a big difference in their ability to communicate and be productive. They are happier and more confident and I have been very happy with the results.

    JJ from Minnesota, parent
  • My daughter is 2 weeks from completing iLs. It has been nothing short of miraculous for us. ADHD runs on BOTH sides of my families. She also has visual and auditory processing issues but only moderate. Her reading scores increased an entire grade level in just a few months. She is calmer too…It’s been a miracle for us! She loves the sessions and her therapist. They make it fun.


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