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iLs Clinical Director, Ron Minson, MD

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Posted June 23, 2016

Do more than just prevent or reverse “summer slide”: elevate your potential.

Clinical Director, Dr. Ron Minson discusses the many merits of a Summer Program and shares stories of students who have benefited.

What is it?

An iLs Summer Program takes advantage of the extra time available to students over the summer break when there are fewer obligations and distractions.  Whether a refresher program for someone who’s done iLs before or a first-time program, doing iLs can boost performance and improve confidence.

Our research shows that iLs alone can improve math scores by a whole year on average and reading scores by up to more than two grades.  And when paired with another intervention (like SAT/ACT preparation), iLs can accelerate progress.

Mini Podcast:

Who should consider a Summer Program?

Students and adults preparing for a transition.

Gaining independence and taking on additional academic and social challenges occurs incrementally.  At each step, support systems decrease just as responsibilities are increasing.

Thomas Brown, PhD., Associate Director of the Yale Clinic for Attention and Related Disorders and author of several books, writes that starting college is a particularly challenging time for people with attention and organization problems.  Leaving home and losing a well-established scaffold of support can often unmask undiagnosed learning issues.  Just being smart is no longer enough to be successful.

Growth spurts are also times of transition as the brain works to incorporate the changing body.  The additional load can even resurrect earlier learning challenges.

Client Feedback:

A former client discusses how an iLs Summer Program changed her scholastic trajectory (1 min).

How long does it take?

If you’ve done iLs before, a refresher program can be as short as five sessions and still provide a significant boost.   If this is your first iLs program, or if you want to get more out of your experience, iLs features programs ranging from 24 to 60 sessions.  Each session is an hour and includes movement and cognitive exercises as you listen.

How do I get started?

Our Provider Locator will help you find a coach who can help you select the right program for your goals and guide you or your child as they do the one-hour sessions at home and on their own schedule. If you have additional questions, you can contact us at: [email protected] or 303-741-4544 and we can assist you.

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