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Experts Reveal New Sleep Recommendations

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Posted June 24, 2016

There can be many reasons why your child has trouble sleeping. Sleep problems can be the symptom or the cause of emotional, mental, or psychological problems, or it can simply be a matter of your kids not getting the right amount of sleep. Experts are continually researching the importance and effects of sleep, and recently a new set of sleep recommendations were released by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM.)

Experts release new sleep recommendations

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In the past, we have thought of sleep as an aid to help combat mental disorders, stress, anxiety, sensory issues, etc., but we are now finding that lack of sleep can also cause these symptoms. Not only will the lack of sleep affect your child’s brain function, making learning and socializing difficult, but it can also lead to a whole slew of other health issues, from diabetes to depression to hypertension.

When it comes to sleep, the verdict has been out for a while as to how much sleep is the right amount of sleep for your children. A recent article in The Washington Post revealed new sleep recommendations by experts at the AASM.

Overview of new sleep recommendations for kids and adults

The new recommendations vary slightly from previous recommendations by the National Sleep Foundation and the Center for Disease Control. Here’s a quick summary of the most recent sleep recommendations:

  • 0-3 months: 14-17 hours a day
  • 4-11 months: 12-15 hours a day
  • 1-2 years: 11-14 hours a day
  • 3-5 years: 10-13 hours a day
  • 6-13 years: 10-11 hours a day
  • 14-17 years: 8-10 hours a day
  • 18-25 years: 7-9 hours a day
  • 26-64 years: 7-9 hours a day
  • 65+ years: 7-8 hours a day
New sleep recommendations for kids and adults

If your child is falling asleep at their desk, it’s a good sign that they aren’t getting the recommended amount of nightly sleep.

Neurotechnology can help you sleep through the night

Integrated Listening Systems has given kids with sensory and attention issues a way to relax and focus using individualized multi-sensory programs, combined with movement and language exercises. Using neurotechnology to stimulate the brain, the results have been phenomenal. Our specialized headphones can help improve brain function, and our Dreampad sleep aid can give your child the tool their need to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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