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iLs Programs at Home to Address Symptoms of Mental Disorders

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Posted August 19, 2016

Multi-sensory programs to address symptoms of Autism and Learning Difficulties

Parents are of course looking to help their children on the autism spectrum or who have learning difficulties. iLs is the only auditory system that combines listening and auditory stimulation with movement and visual activities to address the symptoms of autism and learning difficulties. Our multi-sensory programs send information to users through multiple senses. As we repeat the stimulation, movement and brain activity, we begin to increase the brain’s ability to multi-task. Our programs have helped kids on the autism spectrum and with learning disabilities, as well as their parents, deal with their disorder in a fun and drug-free way.

Multisensory programs for kids with mental disorders

iLs at home is fun and challenging and will help your child address symptoms of autism and learning difficulties.

Where iLs programs are the most effective

iLs programs are available in-clinic with a therapist and can also be used at home or school. The iLs program has proved most effective when used 3-5 times each week, and it can also be used in combination with other types of therapies and programs. iLs has helped kids and adults deal with symptoms of various disorders:

Our program has influenced:

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Attention and Emotional Regulation
  • Speech
  • Auditory and Sensory Processing
  • Motor Coordination
  • Mental Acuity

How does iLs work to treat symptoms?

Watch this video where our clinical director, Dr. Ron Minson and Dr. Edward Hallowell, explain how iLs addresses the symptoms associated with developmental and learning disorders and improves functional outcomes.

Get iLs programs at home

iLs is now available for home use. We will provide you with the equipment and guidance to help you and your child get all the benefits of  iLs in your home. The Home Program includes a personal coach, can be customized for any skill level and is both fun and challenging.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about our multi-sensory approach, other listening therapies and the iLs Home Program. Just give us a call at 303-741-4544 or contact us!

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