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Starting Spirals of Success

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Posted May 18, 2016

Just as beliefs affect behavior, your behavior likewise influences your feelings and thinking.  When you take action consistent with your goals, confidence and fulfillment will follow.  Take kindness: a simple act of kindness will release serotonin leading to calm, happy feelings in both the giver and the receiver (and even a witness!).   But the action need not be lofty at all.  Self-improvement steps like exercise will unleash positive feelings and state (as well as endorphins).  Tackling practical goals too, even simple tasks like making the bed or doing the dishes, leads to satisfaction and accomplishment.

Your physiological state or arousal level affects the probability of your next move.  So a positive state tips the scale in favor of the upward spiral.  It also can be the antidote to its evil cousin, the downward spiral.   While a positive state may be transient, it can create longer lasting impact by launching you into a positive feedback loop.

Our client feedback suggests that one of the effects of the Total Focus sound and movement systems is an improvement in state.  This is true in the short term as a result of a single session.  And it also is true over time as was found by Dr. Schoen in her study of the physiological state and arousal effects of children with Sensory Processing Disorder who participated in 40-sessions of the Sensory & Motor Program.

When sensory input is better integrated, the brain operates more efficiently and this results in better confidence.  With self-esteem and a positive state, one is more willing to try new things and to succeed.  And success begets success because it also breeds self-esteem.

Here are some of the successes iLs users have shared with us:

  • “Her academic performance skyrocketed!”
  • “My child is now getting his chores done without constant nagging.”
  • “My child now has the confidence to have friends over.”
  • “He has been able to make and keep friends this year. He is happy!”
  • “I find that I am more comfortable being with other people and expressing myself verbally. This has led to increased confidence and much greater enjoyment of social activities.”
  • “By the end of the program, his [a 4-year old boy] speech improved 50%, he spoke in 3- to 6-word sentences and he was toilet trained. He also exhibited much more confidence.”
  • “In my clients using iLs, I have noticed: better mood: more independent with self-care and homework; more social; improved expressive and receptive language skills; improved coordination; less stressed; decreased tactile and auditory sensitivity.”
  • “In retrospect, we have seen something big: a million little things that add up to ‘big’.”

You can read more about the upward spirals iLs has set in motion here.

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