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Coordination / Balance / Motor Planning

Are you able to perform a new motor activity easily? In the right order? Or, do you have to do it over and over again from beginning to end until it is no longer ‘new’? Are you clumsy? Drop or bump into things? Our sense of balance and where we are in space are important to our ability to coordinate our actions to perform them with ease.

Children and Coordination/Balance Issues

Poor motor planning and coordination often result in being the last one to be picked for the team, late to ride a bicycle, poor/messy handwriting. These struggles can shatter a child’s confidence.

Adults and Coordination/Balance Issues

Our balance and coordination are extremely important for our health and safety throughout the lifespan. As we age, steps become obstacles, picking things up is difficult, getting out of bed can even become dangerous. The good news is the system governing the mechanisms associated with balance can be improved at any age.

Learn more about how Unyte-iLs products can improve coordination, balance and motor planinng.

Improve Coordination, Balance & Motor Planning

Dreampad Sleep


The Dreampad induces a more restful sleep, providing the necessary foundation for balance and coordination.

iLs for Professionals

Focus System

The multisensory, bottom-up input of the Focus System improves balance, coordination, and awareness of the body in space. Combining these with increased joint awareness – proprioception – the foundation for motor planning is in place. Now, the only thing required is practice.

Case Studies

Fine Motor Developmental Delay

“When I first began seeing Grayson, he was easily frustrated. He gave up on a task before even trying it. He would say, “It is too hard!” and walk away. After using iLs, Grayson’s behavior and his ability to regulate his emotions significantly improved. With consistent listening, his writing evolved to include correct grammar and punctuation. It was exciting to experience these changes with him and watch his confidence soar.”

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  • The kids I have used it with have all made really great progress. Seriously, it is making me look like a rock star OT. Here are some of the changes I have noticed in kiddos: Better mood, more independent with self-care and home work, more social, improved expressive and receptive language skills, improved coordination, less stressed, decreased tactile and auditory sensitivity.

    Alison Goodrich, MS OTR/L
  • I wanted you to know that not only did I enjoy the course, this might have been the only training/continuing ed course I’ve taken where I haven’t wanted to fall asleep after lunch. 🙂 After the first training I took last August in Oklahoma City, I was encouraged and excited, yet still hesitant to buy my own unit. After the success stories from my fellow SLPs and the OTs from Tulsa Sunshine and an amazing refresher course, I bought the Total Focus System. I am currently starting the 3rd session of SM on both of my kiddos and myself. Looking forward to watching the progression!

    Kristin Bresciano, OTR/L
  • I thought I would give you an update on “Lisa.” We have been using the ILS about 3-4 times per week. She is doing fine with the exercises and program. Some of the changes I have seen are subtle, but good. She seems to have more energy and be happier. She has gotten to the point that she asks to do the exercises. I have spoken to a lady that I work with about this (who has a daughter who is autistic) and she made the comment that even though Lisa doesn’t realize much about the changes that’s going on, there has to be something there since she is beginning to ask to do these exercises. I’ve asked Lisa if she has noticed anything different about herself. She made the comment that she is “thinking” differently. I don’t know what she meant by that. Anyway, we are doing good. Thank you so much for everything. I would suggest any one to use iLs (not just kids with special needs). I am around students all the time who could benefit from using this program!

    T.M., Special Ed Teacher
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