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Get SSP Certified!

The Foundational Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Training & Certification is an on-demand and self-paced training program designed for licensed mental, neurodevelopmental and physical health professionals looking to enhance their ability to help clients with Dr. Stephen Porges’ Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP).

This training program delivers foundational knowledge of Polyvagal Theory and the science behind the SSP, expanded practical training on SSP delivery, and actionable steps to integrate the SSP into your practice.

Get started with training and certification for only $349.
Once trained, an active subscription is required to deliver the SSP.

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Enhance your practice and strengthen your ability to deliver integrative, trauma-sensitive therapy.
Online, on-demand training builds skills and expands your knowledge.
Link Polyvagal Theory to practice with the most current evidence and best practices, using real world data and clinical research.
Step-by-step learning, from the foundations of Polyvagal Theory to practical integration of the SSP.
Created and delivered by leading researchers and clinicians, including the creator of Polyvagal Theory and the SSP, Dr. Stephen Porges.

Learn more about the SSP in this free guide, Foundations of the SSP

The SSP is an integrative, non-invasive listening therapy used by therapists to support their clients’ nervous systems for improved therapeutic outcomes. 

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Explore the Features and Benefits of Foundational SSP Training & Certification

Online, On-Demand Videos
Complete anytime, anywhere. Self-study at your own pace. Most providers finish the 6.5 hours of required content within two weeks.

Step-by-Step Learning
From the foundations of Polyvagal Theory to practical integration of the SSP, gain rich clinical training to advance your practice and unlock your clients’ healing potential.

Delivered by Leading Researchers and Clinicians
Featuring Dr. Stephen Porges, creator of the Polyvagal Theory and the SSP, along with Deb Dana, LCSW, and other leading clinicians in the areas of trauma, anxiety and neurodevelopment. Learn directly from the experts who are shaping and applying Polyvagal Theory in practice, increasing your capacity for healing. 

This training uniquely links Polyvagal Theory to practice with the most current evidence and best practices, using real world data and clinical research.
Commitment to clinical rigor and quality means a training program you can trust and implement with confidence.

Learning Resources on Integrative Modalities and Therapeutic Approaches
Including the SSP and other bottom-up and top-down approaches, EMDR, SE™ and sensory considerations. Learn how the SSP serves as a support to unlock the power of existing modalities and increase client accessibility to those approaches. Enhance your clinical toolkit and learn how the SSP can help you to grow your practice. 

Qualifies You to Deliver In-person and/or Remotely
Expand your practice and meet clients where they are, helping more people with remote delivery training.

Unlimited Access to the Course Materials
Revisit content as often as you like.

The multidisciplinary Foundational SSP Training & Certification covers both theory and practical application, and is aligned with leading interventions in the trauma and therapy world. 

Get started for only $349.

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Training & Certification Outline

This training program is built on the latest advancements in Polyvagal Theory and the clinical experience of a global community of SSP providers.

Understanding the Science of Safety and the Safe and Sound Protocol

  • Introduction to Polyvagal Theory
  • Key principles of Polyvagal Theory in practice and the autonomic nervous system, with Deb Dana, LCSW
  • Origin story of the SSP, with Dr. Porges and Karen Onderko
  • Foundational components of the SSP
  • Integrating activity, with Kim Barthel, OTR/L, C/NDT

Clinical Aspects of SSP Delivery

  • Applying core therapeutic skills, such as psychoeducation, co-regulation and titration
  • Identifying nervous system tendencies and supporting regulation through autonomic mapping
  • Connecting your nervous system tendencies and regulation in relation to your client
  • Clinical applications in sensory processing and program planning
  • Structuring listening sessions and post-delivery supports
  • Current SSP evidence and real world case studies
  • Step-by-step guide to SSP delivery and what that means for your clients
  • SSP intake and assessment
  • Delivery models, including in-person, remote, and hybrid delivery
  • Sensory considerations and clinical applications for SSP delivery

Integrating the SSP into Your Practice  

  • Practical, actionable steps that address logistical and financial considerations of integration 
  • Introducing the SSP to your clients
  • Pricing considerations and marketing
  • Accessing your network of other SSP providers, and the benefits and value of becoming part of the SSP provider community
  • Available resources to help guide you and your clients throughout the SSP experience and beyond

Meet the Contributing Experts

The Foundational SSP Training & Certification was developed by the foremost experts in Polyvagal Theory and the clinical application of the Safe and Sound Protocol, including Dr. Stephen Porges himself.

You’ll learn from practitioners and researchers from a variety of fields as diverse as the global community of certified SSP providers, including licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), occupational therapists (OTR/L), medical doctors (MD), Somatic Experiencing® Practitioners (SEP), EMDRIA Approved Consultants (EMDR), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), psychologists, psychotherapists, PhDs, and many more.

Stephen W. Porges, PhD, is a Distinguished University Scientist at Indiana University, where he is the founding director of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium at the Kinsey Institute. He is the author of the Polyvagal Theory, a theory that emphasizes the importance of physiological state in the expression of behavioral, mental and health problems. Based on this theory, Dr. Porges created the Safe and Sound Protocol™, now used by thousands of therapists around the globe.
Deb Dana, LCSW, is a clinician, consultant, author and speaker specializing in complex trauma. Deb’s work shows how an understanding of Polyvagal Theory applies to relationships, mental health and trauma, and how we can use an understanding of the organizing principles of Polyvagal Theory to change the ways we navigate our daily lives.
Kim Barthel
Kim Barthel, OTR/L, C/NDT, is an award-winning Occupational Therapist, multi-disciplinary teacher and best-selling author who is active in supporting people in many contexts internationally. Kim is passionate about understanding complex behavior, neurobiology, trauma-sensitive practice, attachment, sensory processing, mental health, leadership and learning.

Introducing the New Foundational SSP Training & Certification

Kelly Beins, OTR/L and SSP Provider, talks about the benefits of the new Foundational SSP Training & Certification.

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