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Get Started with SSP Delivery In-Clinic and Remote

Choose your subscription or bundle. Pay your way.
Select the plan that works best for you and get started. Commit to either a 3-month or annual subscription. Bundle your subscription with training to save! You must be a qualified professional to use the SSP. Prior to registration, you will be asked for verification of your license/designation. Both SSP Certification and an active SSP subscription are required to facilitate the SSP.

All SSP subscriptions include:

  SSP Connect, SSP Core, SSP Balance
  The MyUnyte platform
  iPhone & Android apps
 5 active clients per month*

*Client fee above first five active clients is $10/active client per month

Want to see how the SSP can reinvigorate your practice? Explore the financial benefits of an SSP subscription with our calculator.

Interested in the SSP for yourself or your family?  Learn more about Unyte Home Program pricing.


If you have a MyUnyte account and have completed SSP training – please sign in to see your subscription options.


One-time cost


  • Includes Foundational SSP Certification and Remote SSP Certification
  • Online, on-demand
  • Required training takes 3-5 hrs to complete
  • Training materials by Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana

Bundle and save! Get both the Focus System and SSP Training for one low price.



Billed annually ($1,499)

one year term, auto renewal

Your Bundle includes:

One Year Annual SSP Subscription

SSP Certification & Remote Training


Billed monthly

one year term, auto renewal

+$249 for SSP Training


Billed monthly

3 month term, auto renewal

+$249 for SSP Training

Get Started with the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) in 3 Easy Steps


Start with SSP Training

Complete Foundational SSP Certification & Remote SSP Certification. 


Choose Your SSP Subscription

Once you have completed SSP Training you can purchase your subscription.


Start Helping Clients

Learn about digital facilitation and integrating SSP into your practice.


Explore the financial benefits of an SSP subscription.
Try our calculator.

Digital SSP facilitation enables you to help more clients, easily and seamlessly in-clinic and remote. Extend your relationship with your clients and reinvigorate your practice.

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