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Introducing the New Safe & Sound Protocol

We are thrilled to roll out the full digital delivery of the SSP as well as an expansion of the family of SSP programs.

Alissa Kotranza, who is one of our Program Consultants, talks about the benefits of the Focus System and SSP for adult and child home users.

Maggie Miller, who is part of our in house Customer Success team, talks about how to integrate digital facilitation of SSP in your practice.

Tim Bush, our in-house OT and Product Consultant, talks about the benefits of the SSP Pathways in a clinical setting.

Leah Dawang, a trained Psychotherapist and one of our Product Consultants, talks about the new SSP Pathways.

Our CTO Anthony Kanfer talks about the product development that enables digital delivery.

We have expanded the original SSP to include two new pathways.

With SSP Connect, SSP Core and SSP Balance (Balance has been previously referred to as “SSP Lite”), you can now create more personalized SSP journeys based on client unique needs, across both in-clinic and remote delivery through Android and iOs on the MyUnyte platform and Unyte-iLs app.

“Safe, sound, and simple. The level of ease and simplicity that comes with SSP digital delivery contributes to keeping the experience within reach of the nervous system’s capacity to safely engage.”
-Deb Dana, LCSW, Clinician, Consultant, Lecturer

“With the digital version of SSP I now have near instantaneous delivery of the SSP to my clients who are all in different locations and countries. It’s a game changer. I can focus on being there for them and supporting them more easily and faster.”
-Tom DeLano, Facilitator

“Many practitioners are emphasizing the importance of starting the protocol in their office/clinic. My perspective is that remote delivery can be a wonderful solution from the very beginning of the protocol. I am working with families with twice-exceptional kids. Many of them deal with social anxiety and contact with a therapist can be difficult for a very long time. The possibility to use the SSP at home from the very start is a great solution for them, as in this way they can do it in the safest place for them – home. I already saw some gains in my clients and I am very excited to bring the SSP to more kids and their families.”
-Heather MacDuffie, PhD, LCSW, Level 3 AEDP Psychotherapist

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