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Coordination / Balance / Motor Planning

Are you able to perform a new motor activity easily? In the right order? Or, do you have to do it over and over again from beginning to end until it is no longer ‘new’? Are you clumsy? Drop or bump into things? Our sense of balance and where we are in space are important to our ability to coordinate our actions to perform them with ease.

Children and Coordination/Balance Issues

Poor motor planning and coordination often result in being the last one to be picked for the team, late to ride a bicycle, poor/messy handwriting. These struggles can shatter a child’s confidence.

Adults and Coordination/Balance Issues

Our balance and coordination are extremely important for our health and safety throughout the lifespan. As we age, steps become obstacles, picking things up is difficult, getting out of bed can even become dangerous. The good news is the system governing the mechanisms associated with balance can be improved at any age.

Learn more about how Unyte-iLs products can improve coordination, balance and motor planinng.

Improve Coordination, Balance & Motor Planning

iLs for Professionals

Focus System

The multisensory, bottom-up input of the Focus System improves balance, coordination, and awareness of the body in space. Combining these with increased joint awareness – proprioception – the foundation for motor planning is in place. Now, the only thing required is practice.

Case Studies

Fine Motor Developmental Delay

“When I first began seeing Grayson, he was easily frustrated. He gave up on a task before even trying it. He would say, “It is too hard!” and walk away. After using iLs, Grayson’s behavior and his ability to regulate his emotions significantly improved. With consistent listening, his writing evolved to include correct grammar and punctuation. It was exciting to experience these changes with him and watch his confidence soar.”

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  • Hi Dr. Minson, Hope you’re doing well. I wanted to touch base with you regarding my 2nd case study, Anastasia. She has completed 15 sessions with SI bandwidths, FSM & EHS. She has made the following progress:

    • She has begun dressing herself independently
    • She has become more easy going , organized & cooperative per clinic observations & Mom’s report
    • She is completing bilateral coordination tasks with far greater ease
    • She has become more attentive to her surroundings & now is beginning to appropriately follow conversations with others & contribute
    • She is now noticing when others are speaking to her from other rooms & will ask “what?”
    • She is showing improvements in recognizing boundaries for writing capital letters
    For her gradual filtration stage I was planning 10 sessions, 111(10) >7. This is to give her more time with each of these frequencies considering her complicated history & significant processing deficits. I would like to maximize her time with SI bandwidths to assist in addressing remaining vestibular processing issues. Her balance will remain at 0 due to her history of seizures, I will set the bone conduction at 2. Hope I’m on the right track! Thank you so much.

    NK, OTR/L
  • Dear Unyte, Our gains were so dramatic that our principal will buy 2 units for next years’ use. We will need some type of bill of sale so we can submit it. We are thinking of doing some type of lab next year with intense 6 weeks sessions. Probably our most dramatic case was with our student with autism. He read on grade level with 100% comprehension on his assessment last week. He also does not get car sick anymore. I have to test this student but have tested the other four students who all had very dramatic changes on the Beery’s three subtest. We will be running kids during the school day next year, and I have some questions about other activities they might do while listening. When is a good time to reach you to discuss by phone? We are so excited about the results at our school!

    Ilyne Engel, Physical Therapist Adams 12 School District, Colorado
  • I am a speech-language pathologist and have specialized in auditory processing disorders for 16 years. My number one preferred therapy has always been the Lindamood-Bell programs and no other therapy has ever lived up to my standards until the Focus System. I now use a combination of the Focus System and Lindamood-Bell therapies together which has produced far better results than with the Lindamood-Bell programs alone. My clients learn to visualize much faster which leads to significant improvements in their comprehension and memory in a much shorter time than with my previous techniques. I also commonly see improvements in some visual skills, auditory discrimination skills, writing, thinking processing speed, attention and focus, balance, coordination, listening in background noise, listening to muffled speech, reading, spelling, some improvement in math and overall confidence. Certain clients have exhibited improvements other than those listed above but in my practice these are the most common improvements. Having a tool that can address areas that I was unable to reach before has been very exciting as a therapist. The Focus System is also pleasant and easy. Previous to incorporating iLs the therapies utilized in my clinic were demanding and hard work for therapist, parent and child. Although I still use these techniques, I use them in a modified form and do parent teaching so parents can use these tools at home. The children need much less practice with the techniques because the Focus System has increased their skills and abilities so that everything taught to them is learned more easily and rapidly. The Focus System is also a great tool for increasing speech and language skills. I had a four year old boy who spoke in one word utterances, was unintelligible to those outside of family members more than 50% of the time and was not toilet trained. I have personally found that the effects of iLs are greatly enhanced when incorporating other therapies along with it, however, we did nothing but the Focus System with this little boy. By the end of the program his speech improved by 50%, he spoke in 3 to 6 word sentences and he was toilet trained. He also exhibited much more confidence. I highly recommend iLs to speech-language pathologists and every other type of therapist. It truly is a highly effective, fun and pleasant therapy. It has changed my life as well as many of the lives of my clients.

    Janell Schicker, M.A., CCC-SLP
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