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Treating Sensory Processing Disorder

By soothing the nervous system, we can prime it to be more receptive to SPD therapies.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD, formerly known as Sensory Integration Disorder) is a condition in which the nervous system and brain have trouble processing stimuli experienced through the senses. SPD can be mild in some people and more severe in others, can affect just one sense or all of them, and can be experienced as hypersensitivity, under-sensitivity, or both.

People experiencing SPD can have difficulties self-regulating, and may be unable to tolerate certain noises, smells or textures which often leads to anxious behaviours and tantrums. In some cases, the inability to process certain stimuli can cause people with SPD to be unable to react to cold or heat, or even pain, which can result in injury.

SPD is most prevalent in children, but can be experienced by adults as well. Treatment typically takes the form of Occupational Therapy practices like physical activities and coordination exercises meant to help people learn how to calm themselves down and self-regulate when they feel overwhelmed. But in order for Occupational Therapy or other treatment methods to be successful, the person experiencing SPD must feel calm and safe, and their nervous system must be ready for therapy, either in-clinic or at home. 

How Can We Help?

Book a call with one of our specialized consultants to learn more about how Unyte-iLs programs can help enhance SPD treatments in the clinic or at home.

Enhancing SPD Treatments by Priming the Nervous System

In order to enhance the efficacy and maximize the benefits of therapies aimed at helping individuals experiencing SPD, the individual must be receptive to treatment for the duration of the session, either in-clinic or at home. Unyte-iLs offers programs rooted in Polyvagal Theory which help people with SPD self-regulate and feel calmer, priming their nervous systems to be more receptive to effective therapies.

These bottom-up, non-invasive and drug-free solutions for individuals with SPD include music, movement, breathing, meditation and language exercises that soothe the nervous system to enable meaningful and lasting changes in physiological state. We partner with healthcare professionals, families and individuals to deliver these multisensory solutions in-clinic, at home or remotely.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol is designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while helping the individual regulate their nervous system by listening to therapeutically-treated music. SSP is commonly used by mental health professionals as an adjunct therapy to help their patients regulate, process external cues and signals more effectively, and attain a grounded state in which they feel safe and calm. Once in this state, a patient’s brain and nervous system becomes primed for responding to other therapies.


The Focus System

The Focus System is a clinical-level intervention designed for use in the clinic, in a school setting, or even at home. The program consists of music heard through bone conducting headphones, combined with movement activities and cognitive challenges to activate brain networks. The bone conduction helps The Focus System build on the nervous system regulation achieved during SSP. This method is very grounding for individuals experiencing sensory processing difficulties, and can help decrease their sensitivities and increase body awareness and overall brain function. Research has shown that 90% of children with Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder saw great improvement in sensory processing and motor coordination by using the Focus System, in addition to increased emotional regulation.

How Unyte-iLs Programs Help Enhance SPD Treatments

See how our programs have helped mental health therapists and families enhance their SPD therapies in clinical settings and at home.

Programs For Families and Individuals

Unyte-iLs programs are administered by certified clinician and not intended for unsupervised use at home. If you are interested in applying our programs as part of a treatment for yourself or a family member, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

We can help onboard your existing therapist to one of our programs if you are already working with one; connect you to one of our certified therapists if you are not working with anyone; or in many cases we can work with you directly.

How Can We Help?

Book a call with one of our specialized consultants to learn more about how Unyte-iLs programs can help enhance SPD treatments in the clinic or at home.

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