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Sleep Therapy for Children with Difficulty Sleeping

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Posted July 8, 2016

We’ve all heard people claim to have “slept like a baby,” or something similar. Some of you may have experienced this purest form of sleep, but if you’re reading this article, it’s most likely because you or your child haven’t had a good night’s sleep in quite some time. However, there is hope. This new sleep aid can help you and your restless child sleep like a baby.

All parents have experienced sleepless nights. Parents of kids with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder or learning disabilities may have spent many nights awake with their kid. But no parent is exempt, and there can be many causes for a child to have trouble sleeping.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a child’s development. While many parents recognize the symptoms of sleep deprivation (mood swings, behavioral problems, lack of concentration, anxiety, bed wetting, nightmares, etc.), but few know of a solution.

A non-pharmacological solution

Integrated Listening Systems is a non-pharmacological solution to a real problem for parents and children across the globe. The iLs program has been used by parents and professionals in conjunction with other medical and therapeutic treatment programs. It all began by using headphones in music and movement therapy to help treat people with traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, and autism. It quickly proved to be much more than we anticipated. Our headphones, equipped with a transducer, allow patients to hear music not only through airwaves like traditional listening devices, but also through solids. As professionals started integrating our headphones and sensory programs into their therapy, they quickly noticed a significant difference in their patients. Using bone conductivity, rather than air conductivity, instantly calmed to kids who would normally bounce off the walls.

Sleep problems: more than just a music pillow

For children with textile sensitivity who are unable to put on our headphones, the Dreampad was born. This “music pillow,” using the same technology as the headphones, has the same calming effect on children, but parents soon found that the Dreampad was helping their children to sleep through the night for the first time.

Bone conduction

Sleep technology for children and adults

The Dreampad music pillow uses bone conduction and gently vibrates, helping your child get to sleep.

The Dreampad pillow utilizes bone conduction instead of air conduction. When your head is on the pillow, the sound travels through your cranium to your inner ear, which is different than listening to music via traditional airwaves. Bone conduction creates gentle vibrations, and our music is specially treated to have low-frequency sounds for maximum relaxation sleep quality.

Individualized iLs programs for kids and adults

The iLs multi-sensory program can help improve cognition and emotional health in both adults and children. Our individualized programs provide stimuli to the brain, strengthening and creating new connections that can lead to better sleep, learning, behavior, and performance.

For more information, visit integratedlistening.com.

“Our mission is to help individuals of all ages elevate their quality of life by improving brain function and emotional resilience through music, movement, technology, and education.”

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