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Get an Excerpt of the SSP + Sensory Integrative Processing Occupational Therapy (OT/SIP) Combined Delivery Guidelines

The Combined Delivery Guidelines for OT/SIP + SSP are here!

Download a short excerpt of the delivery guidelines to learn how integration of the SSP within the OT/SIP framework affords the opportunity for neural exercise, which elicits change in adaptive capacity, at a foundational level of regulation within the context of relationship.

The SSP can be harnessed to establish a base of regulation as well as to expand our adaptive capacities related to regulation. These adaptive capacities afford engagement in supportive and meaningful relationships and participation in daily life opportunities that expand our horizons and add meaning and purpose to our lives.

Note that the complete Combined Delivery Guidelines for OT/SIP + SSP are exclusively available to SSP Providers.

Not an SSP Provider? Learn more about SSP Certification and Subscriptions. 

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