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SSP Testimonial: Amy Reamer

How have you seen the SSP help your clients? 

I’ve seen the SSP reduce PTSD symptoms, the intensity of reactivity decreased. Clients were showing a better use of cognitive thinking skills and becoming less emotionally reactive, better able to recognize and manage anxiety. Finally, I noticed an improved desire to be social and connect with others.

What challenges were you facing before using the SSP?

I was using the Focus System prior to SSP being released due to its ability to help with emotional regulation. I work with children and families of adoption/foster care and developmental trauma—so cognitive based therapies usually are not successful or short lived.

How has the SSP helped to solve these challenges?

The SSP has helped us reach the lower parts of the brain that needed regulating and integrating so then other therapy is more effective and impactful. We’re wasting less time on therapies that don’t help long term.

How did Covid-19 affect your clients and / or your practice?

Going to Telehealth only was helpful for some clients and devastating for others. The social part of school being taken away was anxiety reducing for some children but for others sent them into collapsed states. Being able to offer support remotely—as the SSP is digital—was helpful and having different pathways has helped us to slow the therapy down for trauma clients.

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