Back to School: Do This! Avoid That!

Despite research describing new and effective study techniques, students are either unaware of them, or prefer to stick to their tried-and-true homework habits. Many of these classic techniques [...]


Summertime and the learning is easy…

While Ella Fitzgerald sang that “the livin’ is easy” during summertime, holding on to knowledge from the school year apparently is not. On average, children lose up to 2 months of reading skills [...]


Neurobites: Sleep and Memory

Neurobites Quiz: What aspect of sleep helps to consolidate memories and cement your learning? a. The quality and quantity of the sleep the night before the learning b. The deepest stage of sleep [...]


iLs Clinical Director, Ron Minson, MD

Do more than just prevent or reverse “summer slide”: elevate your potential. Clinical Director, Dr. Ron Minson discusses the many merits of a Summer Program and shares stories of students who [...]


Starting Spirals of Success

Just as beliefs affect behavior, your behavior likewise influences your feelings and thinking.  When you take action consistent with your goals, confidence and fulfillment will follow.  Take [...]

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